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  • Check — You can give by check through the mail at anytime. Be sure to note what account number and ministry  your gift is meant for on the memo line of your check. Checks should be sent to:

Partners in Evangelism International

3441 North Cicero Ave
Chicago, IL 60641

  • Stocks/Bonds — We do accept donations in the form of Stocks and Bonds, and those wishing to do so should send an email to to begin the process.

  • Online Giving — Give online with a credit/debit card through PIEI or through your personal checking or savings account. Setup and manage one-time and recurring gifts. Please note that there is a 3% charge (from the credit card companies) when using a credit card through PIEI. We encourage you to use your own checking or savings account (Bill Pay) so that the full amount of your donation will go to the account you designate. 

You will receive tax-deductible receipts from PIEI for your qualifying contributions.

Please contact us if you have any questions or difficulties in giving online.

Accounts For DOWM Donations

20700 - WOT/DOWM Kenya General Fund

20702 - WOT/DOWM Director (Pastor Francis)

20703 - WOT/DOWM Orphans

20701 - WOT/DOWM Widows

20300 - WOT/DOWM Special Projects

20400 - WOT Kenya Short Term Mission Trips

20500 - WOT/DOWM

Kenya Missionary travel from Kenya to US

20704 - DOWM Land

20705 - School Feeding Program

20706 - After School Learning

20707 Empowerment Program

Stewardship begins with the understanding that everything we have is a gift from the Lord…our time, our talents, and our financial resources. Simply stated, Biblical stewardship means we understand God’s ownership of everything (1 Chr. 29:11-12), and joyfully desire to glorify the Lord through our tithes, gifts, and offerings (Prov. 3:91Cor. 16:1-2). May God be worshiped through our cheerful and sacrificial giving for the proclamation of His Name!

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