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It is our prayer to see the community reach out to help the widows and orphans. We desire to come alongside and partner with them. We share the Word of God with them, as leading them to the Lord is our number one goal. Then joining in brotherly love we work together to teach and help these dear people move from dependency to dignity as they begin producing their own food and making money to support themselves from their produce and items they make.

Vocational Training

Moving From Dependency To Dignity

Widows Make Jewlery.jpg

Vocational Training classes are specifically used for  hands on training that is given to each of the students taking classes. Some of our classes include:

            •  Sewing

            • Bee Farming /

                    Honey Harvesting

            •  Dairy/ Milk Production

            •  Jewelry Making

            •  Farming God's Way/                                       Gardening

            •  Bread Making

            •  Chickens/

                       Egg Production

            •  Basket Weaving

            •  Fireless Cooking Baskets


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