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A Long Walk To Water

6K Walk/Run Fundraiser


"The poor and needy search for water, but there is none; their tongues are parched with thirst. But I the LORD will answer them; I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them."                                                                                     Isaiah 41:17 NIV



Please scroll down to see photos of the walkers with their jugs during their walk/run for this fundraiser.

It is not too late if you would like to donate to financially help with this final phase of bringing clean, running water to our DOWM widows & orphans in Kenya. We appreciate all who have helped to make it possible for these dear people to get their water from a nearby pump and not have to make the long trek to the river each day.


For nothing will be impossible with God.”     Luke 1:37





Pastor Francis and National Committee members and Marsha McCarty and US Partnering Committee members would like to thank all who made this journey with us on our Long Walk For Water. Those who walked, those who donated, those who prayed, we thank you all. Your faith and encouragement has been such a blessing.  May God bless you all for your great love and concern for the DOWM Orphans & Widows.


Maria Jerue

So thankful for this mother-daughter team from Hastings, Michigan.

Maria Jerue invited her mom Robyn to do the walk with her. Thanks ladies, great job!

Blue Ribbon.jpeg

Maria and her mom were the first to

finish the race and send in their photo. 


            DOWM                ORPHANS &WIDOWS     SAY THANK YOU!

We are so happy and blessed to be helping the DOWM Widows & Orphans and others in their community to get clean water to their homes or to a water spicket close to there homes. No more walking for miles to get dirty water from the river. God is good and these people are thankful!

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

2nd Orphan With Watr.jpeg

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  Matthew 6:33

Walking In Idaho

How Water Is Carried.jpg
Blue Ribbon.jpeg

Thanks to Kathy Bothwell and her team, winners for walking in 100º+. Thank you for you dedication and desire to help DOWM widows & orphans.

Ross & Lois Brown

Ross & Lois Brown, residents of Bellevue, MI walked from their summer home in Gibbonsville, Idaho. We miss this couple during the summer months but are so thankful that they can participate in our events even across the miles in Idaho. Lois is a member of the DOWM US Partnering Committee. Thanks guys! Always appreciate all of your help and encouragement.

Feliz Long Walk For Water.jpg
Walking in                New Hampshire
Dr Richard Lee

Dr Richard Lee and his dog Soonie made the "Long Walk For Water" in New Hampshire.

Dr Lee has made several trips to Kenya and has been a great friend and helped out in many ways. Thank you Dr Lee for making the Long Walk For Water with us. You are a great friend and we look forward to being together with you in Kenya again.

Bothwell Family.jpg
Walking in Texas

Many thanks to Kathy Bothwell and family for making The Long Walk For Water in the great state of Texas. While Michiganders had a respite from the heat on Saturday these folks in Texas walked in 3 digit heat. Hope you opened your water jug and used the water for drinking as you walked.

Blue Ribbon.jpeg

Thanks to Teresa Krause for being the first to register for the walk and to also encourage family and friends to participate too.

Walking in                Michigan
Friends from Bellevue

This group of friends from 1st Baptist Church in Bellevue were supposed to be with us in Kenya when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. All travel was cancelled, but we praise the Lord that we were in the US when the lockdown began. It is our desire to be in Kenya in December with Nick (the photographer of this group) and then again in March with all four of this group and the rest of the team that had to cancel this last trip. Lord willing we will be there together in 2021. Thanks much Nick Barnes, Luke & Tera  Julian and Parker Hall for making The Long Walk For Water with us.

Friends from Nashville, Michigan

Thanks to the Allwardt family for making the Long Walk For Water for this cause. Art & Ella made a short term mission trip with us to Kenya a few years ago. They had the opportunity to meet our DOWM family and have shared their memories with many since their return home.

Friends walking in   Delton, Michigan

Thanks Todd & Rene Gaylor for making The Long Walk For Water in Delton. Rene has been with us to Kenya twice. She is also the treasurer of our US Partnering Committee. 

Children walking in
    Lacey, Michigan

This group of children from Pleasantview Family Church made The Long Walk For Water on Saturday. We are so thankful for even the little ones who care about the need for water in Kenya for our DOWM Widows & Orphans.

Friends walking in Hartford, Michigan

Thanks to the Krause boys and mom & dad Teresa and Aaron for making The Long Walk For Water with us. Aaron has been with us to Kenya twice and oldest son Levy has been there once.

Thank you Teresa for sharing this event and getting others to participate. 

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